My Ceramic Sculptures

Friday's Child

Porcelain slipcast ‘child’ crackle glazed carries a bunch of artificial flowers for the rhyme says that Friday’s Child is loving and giving. This is from a series that refers to the inequality of childhood through the myriad of circumstances of nature, nurture place and time. Life is not very fair.


When Even Water is a Luxury

Many millions of  children are born into circumstances where even the most basic essentials of life can be scarce. This porcelain piece has been smoke- fired and the hands are tied to indicate that this ‘child’ is handicapped by circumstances from the moment he enters the world.

We Are All Equal

Porcelain figure with crackle glaze. Tied hands. Are we all equal?  Do we all have the same chances in life?

These two pieces are then seated back to back. The work is titled EQUILIBRIUM


One of a series of ceramic masks. Made in stoneware and terracotta clays decorated with oxides and fired to 1200C. This mask is part of an installation relating to the First World War.

Soldiers fell on the beaches, in the trenches, on the land and in the towns and villages.Stoneware clay with oxides and volcanic glaze fired to 1250C

Stoneware clay with oxides and volcanic glaze fired to 1250C

Both these masks are in a combination of terracotta and stoneware clays decorated with oxides and fired to 1250C

This stoneware mask has designs impressed and decorated with oxides and was then fired to 1250C. It has been set into driftwood.

Nails emerge from this oxide decorated stoneware mask whilst an area of volcanic glaze bubbles down one side with the edges curling back from the  face.  Fired to 1250C. The mask can be displayed on the steel stand or wall hung. It is titled ‘Einhejar’


Past and Present. Two faces look out from this stoneware head. Oxides and matt black glazes enhance the surface and the head was then fired at 1250C. Copper nails were then added and the ‘broken’ head area ‘repaired’ with woven copper wire and aluminium strips together with bead additions.

Detail  –  Past and Present



3 responses to “My Ceramic Sculptures

  1. like the two faces ,and the idea behind the baby dolls

  2. nice work. i like the photo settings too, the rocks and the beach. very nice.

  3. Ive just taken ownership of EINHEJAR and think its amazing

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