Artist Statement, CV

  1. Curriculum Vitae

 Name              Susie Liddle


Address          18 Lon Elan


                        Denbighshire Ll19 8LP

Telephone       07787 567892





                       (under construction)



Education        Teacher’s Certificate

                        City & Guilds –  Ceramics  & Watercolour

                        Foundation Degree Art & Design

                        Professional Printmakers Diploma- Regional Print                             Centre, Yale College, Wrexham


Rhuddlan Library,Rhyl Life Drawing Group, Group Exhibition, 2007
Bangor Open Exhibition, 2008
Llandrillo College, Graduation Exhibition 2008
Venue Cymru, Group Exhibition 2008
Holden Gallery, Manchester. Manchester Artist’s Book Fair.

Regional Print Centre, Wrexham, Group Exhibition 2009 and 2010
Memorial Gallery, Wrexham ‘ Impressive’  Group Exhibition 2010
Oriel Scala, Prestatyn, 2009/10/11 Scala Artists Co-operative Exhbtns
Gallery 36, Rhyl, 2009/10/11 Exhibitions by member artists’
Rhyl Arts Centre, ‘My Community’, Group Exhibition, 2010
Rhyl Arts Centre, Helfa Gelf –Open Studios Preview Exhibition, 2010
Helfa Gelf Open Studios, September 2010
Wrexham Open Exhibition 2010
Liverpool Academy, Open Exhibition 2010
Wrexham Print International 2011
Bangor Open Exhibition 2011
A Book About Death Exhibitions    MoMA Machynthleth  2010
Omaha USA               2010
Clinton Sth Carolina 2010

Engedi Centre, Colwyn Bay, Easter Exhibition 2012

NeoPrintPrize, Neo Gallery, Bolton  Sept-Oct 2012.  Prizewinner

Engedi Centre, Advent Exhibtion Nov/Dec 2012

North Wales Open, Theatre Clwyd 2012

Ffoto Alternative Group Exhibition, Colwyn Bay

Bangor Open 2012

chester Open 2013Oriel Pendeitch Helfa Gelf 2012

Royal Cambrian Academy Open Exhibition 2013

Chester Open 2013

Bodewydan Castle ‘Time’ Ffoto Alternative Group Exhibition Summer 2013

Helfa Gelf Open Studios September 2013

Llawn01 Arts Festival. The Aspectorium Joint installation with Tracy J Hulse

Chester open 2013

Bangor Open 2013

Neoprint Prize exhibition, Neo Gallery Bolton 2014

Willow Gallery Oswestry 2014, 2015

Royal Cambrian Academy, Conwy 2015




North Wales Artists Co-operative

Regional Print CentrE Wrexham

Flintshire Visual Arts and Crafts Network

Artist’s Statement


People are a constant source of fascination to me. A face glimpsed in passing or a snippet of conversation overheard provides only the merest hint at lives being played out. What secrets lie behind the respectable facades that line our streets? What skeletons lurk in family closets or adventures visit these people in their dreams? Old photographs try to tell me their stories and though those who knew the true story may have gone long ago their images remain frozen in time. I have recently been using the cyanotype process invented in 1842 by Sir John Herschel to reproduce vintage photographic images. As the image emerges on the paper I look into the eyes of the person appearing before me. Who were the girls posing in the Paris photographer’s studio over a century ago? What sort of lives did they lead as the ‘Page 3’ models of their time? Perhaps they also posed for the avant-garde Parisian artists, drank absinthe in the Montmartre bars and maybe even now their eyes also gaze back at us from countless art gallery walls. Did they hope to meet a kind gentleman to care for them? Was it their lot to endure a life of poverty? I shall never know but I can travel a little way along life’s path with them in my imagination. My interest in the Victorian era has led me to explore other aspects of the times especially butterfly collections which I make from recycled papers. Each paper butterfly is mounted using pins just as they were in Victorian times but the ‘butterflies’ themselves refer very much to the contemporary world. The interplay between the two times fascinates me.


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