About Me

Hi, My name is Susie Liddle. Ok, so it says Susanne on my birth certificate but only my mother calls me that now. Mothers always stick with “the name we gave you“. It’s a mother thing you know!

This page is a ‘sort of’ CV but it’s going to be really informal. More of a little chat so that we can get to know each other. Then when we are better aquainted perhaps I will tell you more of the detail stuff. Of course if you would like to exhibit or buy some of my work  then hey presto I can sort out all the formal stuff right away.

Ok, better get started then.

Many years ago I was going to go to Manchester School of Art  but got cold feet after seeing the Final Year Exhibitions and instead went off to teacher’s training college to train as a primary school teacher and studied art as my main subject. To this day I wonder why I didn’t take up that art school place! Probably my failure to stand up to a father who was convinced  that teaching was the only suitable job for a fairly bright daughter. Being a woman, he reasoned, I would need the long school holidays off so I could mind my children. He also thought that art was not something anyone could make a living at……ok so he was closer to the truth there…..it’s certainly not an easy path to fame and fortune. The sad thing is that father was a very talented sculptor who never fulfilled his own dreams.

So after a varied working life including several years supply teaching and also running my own business, I am at last trying to get established as an artist. Print making and ceramic sculpture are my favoured media. And I am currently studying at the Regional Print Centre in Wrexham, North Wales on the Professional Printmaker’s Diploma course. You can find all the information about the Print Centre on http://www.facebook.com. There is information about exhibitions, master classes and open access use of the centre and lots more. You don’t need to have a Facebook page to check it out. Just go onto Facebook and put Regional Print Centre 0r Canolfan Argraffu Ranbarthol  in the search box.

I am a member of  Rhyl Create group of artists which runs Gallery 36  in Rhyl and also the Oriel Scala  artists co-operative which is involved in an exciting new gallery project in Prestatyn.

I have some of my ceramics and a print on exhibition at Rhyl College where Rhyl Create has an exhibition space.

Four of my ceramic masks and a print in the Rhyl Create exhibition at Rhyl College

Close up of the masks

Find out more about Rhyl Create and Rhylcreate Gallery 36 on www.rhylcreate.info

Oriel Scala Prestatyn

My print is on the left

Oriel Scala can be found on Facebook. Just put Oriel Scala in the search box or even better come and visit the gallery. It’s open from 10 til 5 Monday to Saturday.

Manchester Artist’s Book Fair was a good experience. It certainly stretches the meaning of ‘book’. It will be even better to do it again now I have a better idea of what can be achieved and what sells. And also more time to plan the work. Most visitors seemed to be on a prowl round the stalls checking out every one else’s work and not too many actually buying. Have to say we were all guilty of doing that although I did buy a couple of things. I think I could definitely have presented my cyanotypes better. The idea of a Victorian gentleman’s private girly album discreetly presented in a plain brown paper book with the buckle and leather strap fastening was what I wanted but in hindsight I should have bound it better and used better quality paper for the pages. I was trying to keep the cost and hence the price down and I think a high quality presentation with a correspondingly higher price might  have worked better. The other idea is to present the pictures in a small box and not in an album at all. I do like the idea of taking something quite simple and giving it an aura of preciousness. I shall rework the project in both ways and review the results.


One response to “About Me

  1. well sue your blog is really good ,you can see that you have work hard on it. I like the way you lay every thing out well done

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